The Science of Everyday Life, Hosted by Dr. Debbie Berebichez

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The Science of Everyday Life!

The Science of Everyday Life

More than ever, we live in a time when it's necessary for people to learn more about science. In a world that surrounds us with pressing questions about the environment and the human condition, it is a social responsibility to find out more about the way the world works. We need to empower women, along with society at large, to become interested in the issues of science that govern their everyday lives.

The mission of "The Science of Everyday Life" is to equip women with enough knowledge about science to empower them to make better decisions while feeling smarter and to show them that science is accessible to them. Women need to prepare themselves to be great leaders who face the demands of their professional lives, as well as being mothers, caretakers, wives, educators and partners. And all this should start at a young age.

Through video, Web 2.0 widgets and text, the media project offers insights into the most relevant ideas of modern science in an entertaining and fun way. Think of it as entertainment meets science. By interspersing elements of fashion and entertainment with scientific content, and by relating it to everyday experiences, I hope to transform the image of science into a fun and practical discipline.

With topics such as "the physics of high heels," "chemistry in the kitchen," "new hi-tech gadgets for women," "going fashionably green" I hope to show that science is fun and relevant and is also everywhere we look around us. Think of it as the female version of Carl Sagan's Cosmos TV show!

Through "The Science of Everyday Life" project, I expect to ignite the passion in many women to identify and pursue careers in science, technology and other topics in which women are not well represented. Because every woman can be a "science babe."

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