The Science Babe - Dr. Debbie Berebichez, Ph.D. In Physics

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NEWS UPDATE: Watch Dr. Berebichez's latest TEDx Talk on Emergent Behavior. On 04/25/11 at 10:30AM EST, Deborah will appear live on MSNBC's Jansing & Co. to discuss the latest rumour about the discovery of the Higgs boson. Dr. Berebichez will be appearing on National Geographic's TV show Humanly Impossible. Out this year, she will explain the physics of incredible human feats. Deborah Berebichez is also in the Heeb 100! Also, check out the radio interview on Oprah & Friends from Wednesday 05/27. "Ever wonder how science affects high heels? There are plenty of objects that we use everyday, but don't really understand how they work. You can be smart and attractive says science babe Deborah Berebichez. Listen in as she schools Dr. Oz to the science of everyday life." Here it is in mp3 format: Dr. Debbie w/ Mehmet Oz.
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Episode 1:
The Physics of High Heels
Did you know that a 110lb. woman wearing stiletto high heel shoes puts a lot more pressure on the ground than a 6,000lb elephant? Learn what high heel shoes have to do with the laws of physics that XVIIth Century physicist Isaac Newton derived. Also, what makes one high-heel shoe more comfortable than another? Is a thicker heel always better than a thinner one for high-heel shoes? How close approximately should the heel be placed away from your toes? What gives a woman the best support and dynamic leverage in her walking style? Why are some surfaces better than others for walking on a high-heel? Does leather always stretch? And are some materials better for constructing a supportive heel? We will talk about the best ways to choose a high-heel shoe and the mechanics of walking and supporting your body in a safe and stylish fashion.
Did You Know?
Did you know that in his day, Isaac Newton helped The Royal Mint catch counterfeiters, often traveling undercover in bars and taverns? Find out more on Wikipedia!